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Practice (WIP)

I try to practice as a software engineer, in a term which I heard from one of my colleagues, a humble developer. I strive to understand and remember that I and everyone needs to develop a set of good habits to follow so that the team can be successful.

The focus that I have for work is not the great projects and the large technology achievements, but to be able to deliver the goals of the business side of the company in a way which is scalable and mantainable.

I believe this can done through processes and habits. In short small code pushes, processed through automated qualitity processes, with changes delivered scripted procedures.


Much of my experience is with smaller or med sized companies, organizations in which people needed to do different jobs and to relie upon themselves to find the correct solution. As always with limited resources.

It amazes me to see how technology changes and how far we come. From limited access to tools and information, to almost complete access to free and open resources and information. It is an awesome time to work in techology.

A lot of history has not been with web technical, but with working with C/C++ on client/server applications.


I try to keep up to date with this website, as well as varies online training website such as Pluralsight, Udemy, YouTube. I like to read and intersperse a technical book into my reading streams. I also watch and news streams to see what is happening.


My current focus is node and react so that I can host my resume in a way that is fun to me and that I can improve on my general web skills. I want to extend this website into some more fun should as developing simple games or working to solve simple problems in my everyday life, such as consolidating multiple todo/grocery lists in an into active list for shopping.


I like to keep my life fairly simple and entertaining myself with simple things. Which I like to enjoy with my family. We like to hike, travel, and cook. But probably most of all we enjoy skiing. We have a son, which is growning very fast and we are sad that soon he will live to away to school.