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Kevin Roy
Cell upon request
Issaquah, WA 98027
Proactive and results-oriented professional with experience as technical leader on fast-paced and time-critical projects. Aggressive at overcoming challenges by developing robust solutions. Exceptional communicator and practitioner of full-cycle communications with capacity to independently manage complex software projects and support organizational customer service, quality assurance and sales goals.
PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C, C++, Java, Perl, bash, XML, json
Frameworks and Toolkits
jquery, ajax, PHPUnit, PL/SQL, node.js, bootstrap
MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
git, Jira, phanthomjs, Selenium, maven, aws, IntelliJ, Eclipse, vim, clearcase, docker, splunk
Apache, JBoss, LAMP
SDLC, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall
Operating Systems
Ubuntu, Windows, Red Hat, HP-UX, MAC/OS, Solaris, SCO, AIX, AS/400
Professional Experience
Technical Lead at Sterling Talent Solutions
May 2012 - current

A key contributor on developing a product in a small aggressive company to be acquired by a large industry leader. We provided quality background screening and onboarding solutions. Worked in major areas of the company and developed multiple large features individually and as a leader in the team.

I worked on two major aspects of the company's product. The first is a highly configurable form based data collection framework. The second being the position and processing of the various searches and the compliance around them.

  • Fair Chance: Implemented the current states requirements for a process similar to Individualized Assessment including filling out state provided forms.
  • Individualized Assessment: Implemented the ability for the customer to request and process a candidate's response to an adverse action being preformed on a candidate.
  • eDispute: Implemented the ability for candidate to review and dispute the reports or searches preformed on them.
  • Form Review: Implemented the customers ability to review the customized forms, including sending the form back to the candidate for modification.
  • Esignature: Developed the signing experience to provide confirmation that the user is certifying their actions. Including the generate of a PDF from HTML.
  • Candidate Model Export: Provided a feature to enable customer to export the data about their candidates.
  • Professional Services Billing System: Enable another team to easily bill customer based on their individual contracts.
Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, Php, Html, JavaScript, Css, phantomJs, IntelliJ, PhpUnit
Senior Software Engineer at Applied Discovery, Inc.
October 2010 - April 2012

Worked on team to design the next generation e-Discovery processing line using open source technologies.

  • Researched and evaluated various technologies: Parallel Processing Framework and grid (Globus/Condor/JPPF), workflow technologies (jPBM), JBoss, RESTful, Hibernate, Boost, Oracle’s OutsideIn, Google’s Guice, Talend and others.
  • Implemented Straw man of new system written in Java using a RESTful API.
  • Implemented an Object Oriented Application (C++) to utilize Oracle’s OutsideIn Technology to parse and load Microsoft Outlook pst file.
Java, C, C++, Windows, Unix, SQL Server
Software Engineer/Technical Lead at SofTech, Inc.
March 2001 - October 2010

Worked on a product lifecycle management product to provide new features, maintenance and customer support for medium-sized businesses. Managed Pro/C coding, data, large configuration loading, APIs, licensing, installations and research third-party product technical issues.

  • Led technical effort to internationalize products into local languages that allowed sales in foreign markets.
  • Designed and implemented revision editing tool that enabled administrators to define multiple revision sequences and apply them to classes, which increased value of company’s product line.
  • Built feature that pushed files into replication servers to increase performance over the WANs.
  • Transited to server-based report generation using libxml2 and libxslt technology to improve performance.
  • Improved querying ability and performance by implementing a list like clause.
  • Redesigned aspects of the product to enable developers to use QT technology that minimized maintenance costs and enabled code reuse.
  • Cross over to new code layers to resolve problems; demonstrated extra effort in fixing root causes, keeping code simple, removing unused code and using build tools that increase productivity.
  • Took initiative to rewrite header file architecture, which saved up to two hours of compile time.
C, C++, Unix, SQL, Perl
Contractor/Software Engineer at OrderTrust
February 2000 - March 2001

Worked on main payment application in UNIX using C++ and Informix for provider of marketing and order management services for online retailers and catalogs. Developed prototype value-added payment program in J2EE and loyalty-based system of electronic coupons. Cleaned code and automated processes.

  • Simplified code maintenance of entire system by moving legacy code into standardized build environment.
  • Automated testing Dining A La Card system with new systems using Perl script that improved accuracy and reduced time needed to test systems and removed element of human error.
C++, Unix, SQL, Java, Perl
Software Engineer at PSW Technology
April 1999 - February 2000

Worked for consulting company for the IBM/Lotus Notes with 10 employees to port Lotus Notes and toolkits to IBM AS/400 system and to correct bugs. Developed and convinced engineers to buy into solutions to problems.

  • Built portable code using a cross-compiler and corrected bugs using native AS/400 debugger.
C, AS/400
Contractor at Celestica, Inc.
May 1997 - April 1999

Developed, repaired and enhanced programs and processes for electronics manufacturer using in-house client/server application system to manage flow of process lines. Developed and debugged client/server applications in C, Informix Embedded SQL and Korn Shell and created new modules for integration with X Windows program and ESQL.

  • Redesigned process of changing bill-of-materials workstation structures that avoided deadlocks.
  • Fixed key user interface, enabling users to step through process of building workstations and PCs.
  • Determined report needs of users that included finding lost workstations and bottlenecks and implemented intranet-accessible reports using C, Korn Shell, HTML and Sapphire CGI generator.
C/C++, HP/UX
Project Leader/Software Engineer at Boston Technology, Inc.
December 1995 - May 1997

Worked in the leading communications company that implemented voicemail systems for large telecommunications companies to lead feature development and bug fixing projects. Including a traffic statistic feature for voicemail application and fixed bugs for various international projects written in C/C++ and fixed bugs in billing systems.

C/C++, SCO Unix, SQL
Software Engineer at ESSENSE Systems, Inc.
August 1994 - December 1995

Developed aspects of a data-driven GUI that empowered employees to manage their own human resource records.

Master of Science in Computer Science,University of Massachusetts at Lowell
February 2001
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,Worcester Polytechnic Institute
May 1994